CIMarE Objectives



Objectives of

The Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering


CIMarE was incorporated April 30, 1976 to advance and promote in Canada the science and practice of marine engineering, naval engineering, ocean engineering, marine electrical and electronic, control engineering and other associated professions.

Objectives of the Institute are as follows:

1. To maintain and improve the status of the marine engineering profession.

2. To uphold the status of members by prescribing standards of knowledge and experience, and by applying such standards as prerequisites for election to membership in the Institute.

3. To enable marine engineers and those of associated professions to meet and correspond. To facilitate the interchange of ideas through the publication and circulation of pertinent technical information.

4. To cooperate with kindred professional associations.

5. To cooperate with the educational establishments and others in the furtherance of the science and practice of marine engineering.

6. To cooperate with governments of Canada and other agencies in the improvement of existing, and the development of new, safety regulations related to the profession.

7. To do any such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objectives.

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