Job Posting Guidelines

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Contact Information

To post a job opening on the CIMarE website, simply e-mail the particulars of the opening to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This site will be the primary listing of Career Opportunities.

Content and Format

  1. Advertisements must be for a position directly related to the marine engineering profession.
  2. Please provide postings in MS Word or plain text for easy conversion into a format suitable for posting on the website. Alternatively, you can simply provide the website address of an existing advertisement, and we will provide a link to this.
  3. All graphics and icons, if any, should be submitted with the posting.
  4. Documents should include the name, address and email address for the applicant to reply to as well as a clear description of the position.
  5. The textual content may be edited for the website, and a brief summary of the position will be included in the website listing.

Example of a posting, showing typical format.




There is currently no charge for posting a position on this website.



For specific positions, normally the posting is kept in place for two months from time of posting or until we are informed that the opening has been filled. However these are only guidelines and we may at our discretion extend or shorten the duration. Please let us know if you want a job to be posted for a specific length of time.



We accept job postings from agencies as well as employers.