The CIMarE always welcomes new members.  As with many professional organizations, we require proof of your qualification for membership. Therefore, the process is slightly more involved. 

Step 1:

  • Complete the online Membership Application form to register for the website and start your application; The form will create a user profile for you pending email confirmation and membership approval. You will receive an email from CIMarE requesting you confirm your email address by clicking on a hyperlink. Once you have confirmed your email you have completed step 1.

Step 2:

  • Once you have confirmed your email address, please download a PDF fillable form. Please fill it in, print it, sign it and take or mail it, along with your supporting documentation, to your local branch for processing. We have seven branches, six of them located in the major shipping ports across Canada; a list of them can be found here.
  • Your local branch will confirm your qualifications and endorse your application. They will then forward it to the Director of Memberships for final approval.
  • You will receive an invoice in the mail. Once your dues are paid, you will receive your Membership Certificate and begin to enjoy the benefits of membership.

Note: Please read the Membership Application Conditions before you begin.

Online application for membership

To apply for membership online, click here.

Classes of membership

There are four classes of membership within CIMarE:

  • Member
  • Associate Member
  • Student
  • Corporate [Procedures are under development at this time]

To ascertain which class best matches your qualifications, please read our Membership Application Conditions, found here.


Currently, annual dues are:

  • Members and Associate Members $110
  • Retired Members $40
  • Students $10
  • Corporate $500

However, if you join as a Member or Associate Member part way through a year, the following pro-rated amounts are due:

  • Between January and March: $75
  • Between April and June: $60
  • Between July and September: $45
  • Between October and December: $110 for the following year


Our Corporate Members:


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