Membership Dues

Note: If you are not already a member, do not pay dues until you receive an invoice.


Membership dues invoices for 2017 were sent in November 2016. If you have not received an invoice, please contact our National Administrator, Lauren Solar at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you haven't paid 2016 or previous years' dues, feel free to do so now. Please note that PayPal will only allow you to pay one year at a time but it will accept multiple payments. 


PayPal no longer requires you to have an account; you can simply click and pay on our account. On all payments, kindly indicate either your roll number or your invoice number, preferably both, in the  "Instructions to Merchant" field. 

Dues for 2017 remain at $110 for Members and Associate Members, $40 for Retired Members and $10 for students.


Corporate membership dues are $500. This includes one membership as outlined on the Membership Application Conditions page. All other employees of the corporation who are already members, or are eligible for membership, will pay $50 per year.


Membership Dues

Our Corporate Members:


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