Scholarships & Awards


CIMarE believes in supporting the education of those studying to become marine engineers. We also wish to reward excellence in the marine engineering field, both scholastic and professional. To this end, we offer a wide range of Scholarships and, similarly, we have an active Awards program that is undergoing further expansion.


Currently, we offer or adminster trusts for three scholarships:

  • the CIMarE National Scholarship (undergoing expansion)
  • the Denis Cressy Marine Engineering Scholarship
  • the Donald W. Challinor Memorial Scholarship

Click here for criteria and application details. 

Some of our local branches also offer scholarships through educational institutions in their areas. For more details, please check with your local branch. 


Our awards program includes three awards, the third being new last year. They are:

  • the T.M. Pallas Memorial Prize
  • the CIMarE Medal of Excellence

Click here for more information.

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